Redbox, the DVD and game rental company, looked back over 2011 and found that the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy Just Go With It was chosen for home entertainment more than any other movie it offers.

Redbox also in 2011 celebrated having reached the milestone of 1.5 billion rentals from its more than 34,400 kiosks.

Part of what’s fun about databases is that they can be sliced up in all kinds of ways, so that’s exactly what Redbox continued to do. The company awarded actor Kevin James with its first virtual Redbox Lifetime Achievement. His comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop was the fastest movie in Redbox history to reach one million rentals, and other movies in his oeuvre such as Grown Ups, Zookeeper and The Dilemma make him a reliably popular star.

The most-rented actor of 2011 is Owen Wilson, however, thanks to movies like Little Fockers, How Do You Know and Cars 2. Natalie Portman is the top Redbox actress of 2011, with Black Swan, No Strings Attached and Thor flying out of the kiosks.

Breaking rentals down by genre, Redbox found the following: action movie, The Green Hornet; drama, The Tourist; family movie, Rango; horror, Insidious; and of course comedy, Just Go With It. Johnny Depp stars in two of those, albeit as an animated pet chameleon in one.

Redbox turned these findings into its inaugural Redbox Online Movie Awards, a video that can be seen here, since the company chose not to make it embeddable.

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