The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has come up with more statistics for fans to argue about on Sunday while watching Super Bowl XLVI. It has determined that those rooting for the Patriots are more mobile savvy, but there are many factors worth betting a beer or two over.

Inspired by the fact that this is the first time the Super Bowl will be streamed live, the IAB compared New England Patriots fans with New York Giants fans when it comes to device ownership and usage. Its report is based on a study of U.S. adults conducted by Harris Interactive, in which 70 percent of respondents said they planned to watch Sunday’s game. Of those, 40 percent said they were rooting for the Giants, while 29 percent were cheering for the Patriots.

These football fans are slightly more likely than most Americans to have a smartphone, at 45 percent compared to the national average of 40 percent. The IAB developed a composite index based on usage habits and patterns that determined New England Patriots fans (at an indexed score of 116) are slightly more mobile sports savvy than fans of the New York Giants (at 114), with a national average of 100.

But overall, more than half (56 percent) of smartphone owners and 45 percent of tablet owners said they plan on using their device during the game. One in 10 expect to watch or get more information about Super Bowl ads that way, too, although they’ll maybe wait until after the final whistle.

Those numbers change significantly when the IAB broke out those in the 18 to 34 age group. Of smartphone owners in that demographic, 74 percent said they would be using their device during the game, with 51 percent saying they definitely will be texting, emailing or IM-ing other fans to “discuss” what they’re watching.

Fans are unlikely to be doing that viewing on the small screen, however. Just 4 percent of smartphone owners expect to watch the entire game on their handsets, which still seems like a lot given the social nature of Super Bowl viewing and the scope of action fans will be following.

Joe Laszlo, senior director, IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, said: “Americans will now be augmenting their game day viewing with numerous activities on smartphones and tablets. Revealing the ‘mobile savviness’ characteristics of Giants and Patriots fans is a lighthearted way to underscore the value that mobile brings to sports enthusiasts and also the opportunity it offers to brand marketers trying to reach this in-demand audience.”

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