A new Google Apps Script promises to unlock the analytic mysteries of Gmail for the multitudes who use it. As Google blogged today, Gmail Meter automatically monitors and reports various useful statistics about what goes in – and out – from any Gmail address.

Users will be able to learn a “daily traffic” estimate of when messages are received and sent during a given month, as well as a Traffic Pattern sense of overall email activity during the previous week.

Other statistics could be used to improve efficiency. Gmail Meter by Romain Vialard shows the percentages of messages sorted into email categories, as well as how much time passes between an email being sent and when it’s responded to in both directions. It also reports volume statistics about things like starred messages and messages marked as important.

Word count, thread lengths, top senders and top recipients are also tracked and reported.

Google has posted a tutorial on Gmail Meter here.

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Photo by Flickr user Greg and Mellina, used under Creative Commons license