The top five YouTube Partner channels, led by Vevo, Warner Music Group and Machinima, collectively accounted for nearly 1.5 billion total streams in May.

This is the first month for which Nielsen released a report specifically looking at the thousands of official YouTube partners, breaking out their activity from the 136 million unique viewers who streamed 16 billion YouTube videos during the same time period. (See the chart, below.)

It noted that more than half of each channel’s unique viewers were under the age of 35, something advertisers will undoubtedly compare to the average network TV viewer, who is within 14 years of Social Security eligibility.

Of the top five YouTube Partners, Fullscreen and Vevo skewed the oldest, according to Nielsen, with 15.3 and 15.7 percent of their viewers being 50 or older, respectively.

Gender statistics are different too. Machinima skews male (62.6 percent), while the other top channels are close to reflecting the ratio of the general population. Meanwhile, television viewers skew slightly female.

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Photo by Flickr user x_jamesmorris, used under Creative Commons license