In yet another achievement made possible by technology, 4 percent of men have checked the score of an NFL game while at a funeral. And 18 percent of them have looked that up while on a date, according to a survey released by Yahoo Sports – although it doesn’t say how many of those guys got a subsequent date with the same person.

Those are definitely not the only places others might find inappropriate where guys have peeked at football scores. Among among men 18 to 64, 25 percent admit to checking NFL scores while in the bathroom. Other locations men admitted to include: in class (22 percent); at a wedding (12 percent), at their child’s school event (12 percent); and during a church service (8 percent).

The study commissioned from Ipsos OTX MediaCT shared these and other NFL factoids, which found 82 percent of men and 65 percent of women have checked NFL scores from somewhere they maybe shouldn’t have.

Most fans (75 percent) of fans have a favorite player, although 13 percent of female and 5 percent of male fans have chosen that player based on looks rather than on his on-field performance (41 percent) or team he plays for (33 percent). The survey doesn’t draw any correlation with those numbers and the fact that 16 percent of fans know that Tom Brady’s eyes are blue.

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