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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace and the Story of Jay Park (AKA...

Los Angeles - If you pay any attention to Asian Entertainment news, you can't miss  the story on Asian pop star Jay Park (AKA...

Roblox joins Stardoll Media for global advertising clout [with infographic]

Roblox has signed up to make Stardoll Media its exclusive global commercial advertising representative, bringing millions of boys and girls toegther – at least as far as marketers are concerned.

Nook Tablet Comes with Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora

Netflix Inc. will be pre-installed on the new Nook Tablet announced Monday by Barnes & Noble Inc., making it simple for Netflix subscribers to watch movies and TV shows on their device. As part of the deal, Barnes & Noble will promote the Netflix application in its stores and through various other marketing activities.

Fox Broadcasting Closes Eight-Day Window

Fox Broadcasting pushed its TV Anywhere pay wall into place Monday, requiring viewers to have an authenticated subscription to a participating cable or satellite...

Music Videos Dominate YouTube Viewership

Out of the millions of videos streamed on YouTube’s site every day, music videos are by far the most popular. According to ComScore, which will...

Guest Column: It's Make or Break Time for Apple

In this article titled "It's Make or Break Time for Apple," Guest Columnist Robert Tercek addresses the recent hysteria over the drop in Apple's share price and tackles the timely question: What will Apple accomplish in 2013?

Capital One Opens CityVille Branch

Capital One has integrated itself into three of Zynga’s most popular games, using recognizable elements from its TV commercials to deliver unique freebies and rewards that enhance the game for anyone who engages with them. One of the more innovative features is in "CityVille," where players can place a Capital One branded bank in their personal metropolis. Both companies said this opportunity was the first brand integration of its kind.

Search Marketer Atrinsic Buys Assets of Kazaa Music Service

New York - Atrinsic, an Internet search marketer and provider of direct-to-consumer subscription products, announced on Thursday that it will acquire the assets of file-sharing service...

Zimbio raises $8.9 million for entertainment-centric content

Zimbio Inc. has raised $8.9 million for its popular entertainment website and beauty do’s and don’ts site, led by Menlo Ventures.

Zynga Inks Membership Points Deal With American Express

New York - Social games publisher Zynga ("Farmville," "Mafia Wars") on Tuesday announced a partnership with American Express, which will allow customers to use their membership rewards...