Consumers are more likely to rent DVD/Blu-ray discs than video games, but those who do spend more per month, according to a new report from ABI Research’s Technology Barometer. What the study also found, however, is that spending in one area does not necessarily cannibalize from other areas.

Among those who participate in these activities, the average monthly spend on games is $23. That compares to $16 for DVD/Blu-ray movies and TV shows, and $20 for Video on Demand. Monthly spend on movie theaters was the highest of the entertainment options, at $27, while restaurants eclipsed them all at $67.

The study also found that 51 percent of respondents reported playing online games, slightly more than the 45 percent who said they watched online video but less than the 66 percent who engage in social networking. These were all in roughly the same range as movie theater attendance (57 percent), DVD rentals (56 percent), and DVD purchases (55 percent).

“Connected CE devices, such as TVs and smart set-top boxes, also saw a significant increase in game play amongst respondents and, as more consumers enter the gaming market, the potential exists for incumbent players such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to leverage new channels, like mobile and connected CE, and expand the market pie,” said senior analyst Michael Inouye. “This need not be a zero-sum game.”

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